Accessories made with Mino Washi

A design that blends Mino Washi, which is packed with traditional Japanese techniques, into everyday life

About macchuroom

Mino Washi, a traditional Japanese paper with a history of over 1300 years, is produced in Gifu Prefecture’s Mino City. It is known for its thinness, durability, and beauty. While rooted in the tradition of Mino Washi, the paper is crafted into simple designs that blend well with everyday life without appearing overly traditional. When combined with resin, it not only gains reinforcement but also enhances its transparency and vibrant coloring.

Though it may not appear so at first glance, the unique patterns formed by intertwining fibers create a gentle atmosphere that is characteristic of Japanese paper. Our selection of patterned products draws from a wide array of traditional designs, carefully chosen to be versatile enough to match with Western-style clothing as well.

About our products

While Japan boasts a plethora of magnificent traditional crafts, they often remain elusive in everyday life within the country. Many of these crafts, characterized by their remarkable craftsmanship and consequently high prices, are reserved for special occasions. Additionally, incorporating Japanese patterns and accessories into daily fashion tends to invite curious glances, making it challenging to stylishly integrate them.

It’s a pity that despite the abundance of splendid creations, they often go underutilized. This sentiment led to the inception of our endeavor—to create designs that are approachable, designs that encourage a sense of familiarity. We embarked on this journey so that these wonderful creations can be easily embraced, allowing people to effortlessly incorporate them into their lives.

Attention to Detail

We also emphasize the lightweight nature, which is a distinctive feature of washi paper. Heavy earrings can strain the ears, causing discomfort with prolonged wear. However, our brand’s products are designed to be relatively lightweight, minimizing the burden on the ears and ensuring a comfortable wearing experience.


Our accessories are crafted through upcycling using plain washi paper, utilizing leftover scraps from the production of various items such as stationery, food packaging, and medical supplies. Even the smallest offcuts are valued and thoughtfully incorporated into our designs.

Item Lineup

“Glittering” rhombus washi earrings/blue

We’ve combined rhombus-shaped washi paper parts resembling teardrops with sparkling cubic zirconia, creating a design that glistens. This design aptly showcases the exquisite coloring of the washi paper. The elongated vertical design exudes a cool impression, while the cubic zirconia adds a touch of elegance and charm.

polka dot swaying washi earrings/ red x hemp leaf

Interlinked circular washi paper parts create a swaying polka dot pattern. In the case of earrings, the back parts are attached to the earring backs. With varying lengths between the front and back parts, the movement and swaying pattern differ, making them visually appealing and adorable.

macchuroom-Large circle and hoop washi earrings

We utilize a unique type of washi paper woven with threads or tapes on thin paper. The larger parts are designed to complement the patterns, but thanks to their translucency, they don’t become overly flashy. This allows for a balanced level of elegance and vibrancy, allowing you to enjoy a moderate touch of glamour.

The message

Our foremost consideration in designing is ensuring practicality for everyday use. We aim for simplicity that still manages to convey the depth of traditional craftsmanship. It would bring us great joy if you could sense the intricate skills embedded within the simplicity, making our products accessible and enjoyable for daily wear.

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