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  • Brand:S.A Arts&Crafts
  • No minimum lot
  • All handmade
  • Price is each product
  • Size:diameter: around 1 1.7cm / Kodaiji Temple: around 4.7cm / Height: around 7.6cm
  • Weight:about 280g
  • Colors:hydrangea crystal/ cherry blossom kiln change / turkish blue
  • Made in Japan
  • Time to ship: within 14 days
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  • Attention!
  • *It is all handmade,That’s way, there are little bit diffrent  in size and weight each others.
  • *It can be used in microwave ovens and dishwashers, but there is a possibility that it will deteriorate faster due to the vibration caused by microwaves and the injection of hot water. Please refrain from using it.
  • *Don’t use in an oven or open flame.

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S.A Arts&Crafts “glazed soup bowl”

It has a cute round shape, and if you hold it in both hands, it fits into the curve of your palm.
You can also use it as a cafe au lait, soup, matcha, or french onion soup bowl.
Enjoy the glossy texture and beautiful crystals with various drinks and dishes.

Nice color types “glazed soup bowl”

You will be find out best color of cup all of you.
hydrangea crystal/ cherry blossom kiln change / turkish blue
I will good collect when you can put all crystal glaze teacup set in your home.

How to create

We have a small electric furnace and an electric potter’s wheel at home, and all processes from clay kneading, molding, biscuit firing, glazing, and firing are done by hand.
It cannot be mass-produced, but each one has its own expression and you can enjoy the handmade taste.


・If you don’t need a waterproofing agent, we will ship it in about 3 days, and if you need it, we will ship it in about 5 days.

・Due to the characteristics of the color of the glaze, it appears whiter in morning light or under white lights, and it appears more reddish or yellowish in evening light or under warm-colored lights.

・Although the installation surface of the table will be sanded before delivery, there may be some rattling due to the molding process.

・Product images are shot and edited to look as real as possible, but they may look different depending on the monitor environment and lighting conditions. Please note.

・Since it is also sold on other sites, in the unlikely event that the purchase overlaps, it will be delivered to the person who completed the purchase procedure first. Please understand in advance.

・It can be used in a microwave oven (just warmed up) and a dishwasher, but there is a possibility that it will deteriorate faster due to the vibration caused by microwaves and the injection of hot water. I would appreciate it if you could refrain from it as much as you can.

・Please refrain from using in an oven or open flame.



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Additional information


S.A Arts&Crafts


diameter: around 11.7cm / kodaiji temple: around 4.7cm / Height: around 7.6cm


about 280g


hydrangea crystal, cherry blossom kiln change, turkish blue

Country of origin


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