A new brand that brings kimono culture into everyday life

In 2009, the new brand "Shi bun no San" was launched.

~ Fusion of traditional Japanese kimono culture with everyday life ~

About us

Noguchi Senho Co., Ltd., which opened in Sapporo-city of Japan in 1948, is now known as “Zumaya”, and the fifth generation has inherited traditional Japanese culture.
Shitsukai-ya(悉皆屋)is positioned like a kimono-related consultation service, and is a specialist company that responds to inquiries from kimono shops and customers who have kimonos, as well as their requests.

Ex:Stain removal / Size change / Re-dyeing and changing crests

Our service

◆ If you have a different body type and the size does not fit

If you want your daughter to inherit the kimono that your mother inherited from your grandmother, we will make it custom-made for each person, such as adjusting the size and modifying the design.

You can change the dimensions by unraveling the furisode, returning it to the state of the cloth, washing it and making it beautiful, and then re-tailoring it.
*Depending on the condition of the kimono, it may not be possible to remake it.

◆When I looked at the furisode, it was dirty and had an old-fashioned smell

When you take out the kimono from the wardrobe, it may have stains or an old-fashioned odor.
First of all, we recommend the special wash that washes the whole. The special wash includes a full wash as well as sweat removal and ironing.

◆Color is not to my liking

Since the kimono can be dyed, it is possible to change the overall color. In addition, it is possible to partially repair items such as those where the gold color has been peeled off.

◆Protects fabrics and prevents stains

If you drop wine on a fabric that has been treated to be water-repellent, it will form water droplets that will rise to the surface, and you can prevent this by wiping it off immediately.

Our Brand : Shi bun no San

“Shi bun no San” is the first new brand in Japan that can be worn as an inner layer of a kimono and can be worn in daily life.

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