For you, The only one in the world

For you, the only one in the world

~I want you to love me for who I am. ~

With that in mind, we create to putting our emotions into it “Only one” clothes and accessories, one by one, with such as inspiration from countries, cultures, and people, mainly in Asia.

”toU” Story

"Only one" in the world, a product only for you.

toU concept is “To you, the only one in the world”, and we use fabrics with various patterns and materials inspired by the traditions, cultures, and people of Southeast Asia and around the world.

"Only one" that you can't wear with anyone

“toU” offers products that can be worn for a long time, from everyday to special days, regardless of trends.

Different material MIX dress

Sally back ribbon dress

Ruffled tulle skirt

Block print multi dress

Cami dress

Different material MIX dress

Travel the world with just one of clothing

”toU” wants you to know and be interested in countries and cultures that you have never been to.
”toU” purchases rare and valuable fabrics directly from overseas, and mixes and uses fabrics from various countries.

Each tag is hand embroidered one by one

The “toU” tag is hand embroidered by a woman at Prapti’s workshop in Bangladesh.
The tag has the name of the woman who embroidered it. Also pay attention to the tags.

Clothes that connect and connect

Recently, “toU” has released new products using traditional Bangladeshi block printing techniques.
Not only the fabric, but also the technology that has been cherished since ancient times will be actively incorporated in the future.

Only one accessories born from scrap of cloth

Cloth scraps that come out inevitably when making clothes. This is a “scarf type single ear piercing & earring” that was born with the idea of being able to reuse this well.

This has been very well received, and it has become so popular that a pop-up event has been held at a department store.

Item Lineup

Single scarf earring

Single scarf earring

Remake clothes you no longer wear

Recently, we have released a new brand called “Re:me,” which actively utilizes and remakes old clothes that are no longer worn or that do not sell well.

On days when you want to assert yourself more

From everyday life to special days, we want women to express their individuality at times like these

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