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Accessories made with Washi

Our Japanese paper is a traditional craft made in the Mino region of Gifu Prefecture, and is characterized by its thinness, durability, and beauty.

All handmade

About our products

This brand is an accessory made from Mino Washi paper, a traditional craft of Japan (Mino City, Gifu Prefecture).
These accessories are designed to blend into everyday life, and are produced with the hope that people will feel closer to traditional crafts.
The gentle colors and the pattern of the fibers unique to Japanese paper are combined with resin to increase the transparency and make it even more attractive.
Also, the main material, Japanese paper, is made from cutting pieces that are produced when making Japanese paper products.
It is an upcycled accessory that reborns scraps that may have been discarded.
(Plain Japanese paper only)

How to create

Large circle and hoop washi earrings

Accessories made with Washi

Item Lineup

Crystal swaying round washi series

6 colors

cotton pearl and washi series

6 colors

ellipse and chain tassel washi series

hemp leaf

fan tassel and cotton pearl washi


suzunari cotton pearl washi series

6 colors

rhombus asymmetry washi series

6 colors

string light style washi series

8 colors

rhombus ashime washi series

6 colors

washi small earrings unisex series

6 colors

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