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Graceful like a gently flowing river / A life pattern that nature produces

Living with nature

All RIVERET products are made from natural Moso bamboo. Moso bamboo is a natural resource that can be continuously renewed on a minimum amount of land, making it an effective method of resource utilization to help control deforestation, a major cause of environmental problems. “Living with nature” is a message for the next age conveyed through the skill of our craftsmen.


Our designs more deeply and clearly convey the beauty of the natural material and the skills of our expert craftsmanship. Without getting caught up only in the design, we propose unprecedented natural tableware which can blend into various everyday use scenarios with carefully crafted curves that perfectly fit the hand and natural texture that complements the food being served.


Bamboo tends to be avoided for the product that is required to be processed delicately because it has twice the strength of general-purpose wood. Beginning research and development in 1986, RIVERET has reviewed all aspects of this material from growing the bamboo, to lumbering and processing technologies. Through trial and error, we have become able to create the various beautiful lines and delicate forms you see today.


LOHAS COAT is a coating technology developed in-house that suppresses e-coli and staphylococcus aureus thanks to a synergistic effect of the paint that contains natural green tea ingredients and the phytoncide that is already a part of the bamboo itself.

We have applied an original coating we developed that permeates inside the bamboo so that our products can be used in a normal manner just like ceramic and glass dishware. (Coating Conforms to Food Sanitation Act) The coating prevents colors from changing and staining due to use with foods like wine and coffee.

All RIVERET dishware can be used with household dishwashers. Our dishware passes the dishwasher drying resistance test, which is rare for dishware made from natural materials. Of course, washing with dish washing liquid is also possible just like with any ceramic or glass dishware.
* Limited to use at a hot water temperature setting not higher than 70°C.
* Dishwasher detergents containing bleaching or abrasive agents cannot be used.

Quality Verification

RIVERET has asked third-party institutions to perform various quality examination tests on a regular basis.
We are striving to convey reliable safety because safety is invisible to the eyes.

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