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The company has been manufacturing metal fittings since 1952.

Each craftsman is involved in a number of complicated processes in the manufacturing process of Kawanabe Butsudan.
The metal fittings are hand-made one by one using traditional techniques from long ago.
In addition, in order to meet the needs of our customers, skilled craftsmen also manufacture only and one handmade metal fittings.​​

Our business

Handmade metal fittings products

memories small box "Karen"

For those who want to keep a memento of their pet dog with them forever.
It was born from such a thought.
It is a masterpiece that has been completed by pouring the materials and craftsmanship of the traditional craft “Kawabe Butsudan” handed down in Kawabe Town, Kagoshima Prefecture.

It’s up to you how you use the memory box “karen”.
For example, you can put a photo of your precious memories, or a jewelry case.
The memories small box “karen” will surely hold your important items.
It is always close and gently embraces you.


"Departure" of my pet dog

My pet dog Tommy (Labrador Retriever), who has lived with me for 15 and a half years, is going to heaven.
It’s because loneliness increases as time goes by, and I’m so lonely and sad…
It was a very painful and sad event to see Tommy at the end. Every time I saw my favorite food dish or collar, I cried every day until my tears dried up.

Turn your happy days into positive memories!

At that time, my mother said to me, “You lived your life to the fullest, so don’t be so sad.” Turn around.
I came up with the idea of making a small box to keep my dog’s memento close to me using materials from my family’s traditional craft “Kawabe Butsudan”. I managed to commercialize it.
I think there are many people like me who are grieving over the loss of something close and dear to them.
We hope that you will be energized with the memories small box “karen” where you can keep your pet memories close to you.

lacquer black

lacquer vermillion

lacquer ai indigo

With the approval of our craftsmen, it was completed with skill and sincerity.

memories small box karen series “hime”

A new version “Hime” was born.
It has been redesigned to a compact size while maintaining traditional craftsmanship and materials.
You can always feel close to your memories in a small box that combines the weight of lacquer and modern colors.





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